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DeAlex and his team have been moving families and businesses in the Las Vegas, Nevada area for the past eight (8) years and counting. All businesses thus far have been by word-of-mouth. They did not have time to advertise. But DeAlex realized that in the age of digital information, a website presence is what the business needs in order to communicate with its current customer base and potentially find new ones. It will also give us the opportunity to showcase our business and more importantly, share our stories.

At first, DeAlex didn’t plan on becoming a mover or starting a moving company. He helped a few friends move and he did such a great job that he was encouraged to get into the moving business. They were so impressed by how much care he displayed in moving furniture and boxes and by how well organized he arranged the loading and unloading of trucks. So he started working for several local moving companies. But he saw how badly these companies treated their customers. Shockingly, most moving companies were careless, irresponsible, and dishonest and some were even thieves and con-artists. DeAlex realized that an honest and dependable moving company is what the city needs. DeAlex’s mission is to change the attitude of the moving industry to a personalized, caring, more responsible, and honest business.

DeAlex will move your household items with care and precision. Guaranteed. However, accidents can happen which is why we are licensed, bonded, and insured specifically for this reason.


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De’Alex Moving, LLC, a Limited Liability Corporation conducting business in the City of Las Vegas, Nevada. We have over 8-Years experience in the Moving Industry.

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